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Studio Forging - Forging My Way into 2021

Posted on January 10 2021

Studio Forging - Forging My Way into 2021

Sitting in my garage floor hammering and using the concrete floor as a base is not an enjoyable experience. I saw that some of the teachers I take classes from used tree stumps for this purpose. So of course my husband and I were on the lookout for the perfect tree stump, we thought we found one on several occasions but something was always wrong with it. Then one day my husband got lucky on a trip to the grocery store the perfect tree stump was found on the side of the road, he loaded it in my Jeep brought it home and the building of a forging station was on!

He used a pressure washer in our driveway to knock all of the bark off the outside, and it was left to dry out for a week or so. I in the meantime spent my week in Mexico enjoying and soaking up the January sun, and planning for the coming year. When I returned home he had moved the tree stump to the area it worked well in my studio, and added leather strapping around it to hang my tools and hammers. (see photos)

So far I have only used it for one day, but wow is it better that the garage floor! It is a dream forging station, all the tools I need are handy and it gives me the perfect solid base for forging. So I am forging my way right into 2021,  it is going to be a great coming year!